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Entry #18

I doubt anyone is paying attention...

2016-07-14 17:22:45 by Vert

... but if anyone is, in all likelihood, my presence on Newgrounds will slowly fade away in the coming months...


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2016-08-31 02:55:45

cool, what other sites do you use? we could talk and stuff

(Updated ) Vert responds:

Sorry, see below.


2016-08-31 02:56:15

And i know, newgrounds has gotten suuuper gay

Vert responds:

Hmm, actually, it's nothing to do with NG itself, when you're a long, long time veteran like myself, who's seen NG in good and bad times, it doesn't phase you that much when NG is it's 'down moments'. The real problem is real life, just taking up waaaaay more time than it used to.


2016-09-06 10:08:35


(Updated ) Vert responds:

Aww, that's nice of you, Eggy. But, alas, my free time is getting less and less, it'll be difficult to be around as often... I'll keep coming while I can, but there's a fair chance I'll slowly do less and less and less... we'll see.


2017-06-07 10:26:33

well if you ever do leave newgrounds i will always remember you

Vert responds:

Thank you, that's a kind thought. And I will be leaving it eventually, I've already cut back a lot from how much I used to go...